Chronic TRIAD Basic Workshop

Following on our successful Chronic TRIAD consultative workshop, we announced our plans to conduct our first Chronic TRIAD Basic Workshop our on the burden of injury and disability in Uganda and then received over 200 applications from Makerere University School of Public Health (MakSPH) students and representatives from the health and police sectors and non-governmental organizations.

On 29-30 April 2013, we conducted this workshop at the Silver Springs Hotel in Kampala.

The two-day workshop fulfilled the following objectives: 1) to describe the incidence, causation, and lifelong impacts of trauma, injuries and disability (TRIAD) on individuals and society; 2) to introduce and discuss the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to the prevention & care of TRIAD across the lifespan; 3) to identify basic methods for key research around TRIAD; and 4) to introduce and discuss the need for investment in specific interventions for prevention and management of TRIAD in Uganda.

Dr. William Bazeyo, dean of the MakSPH, welcomed the participants and facilitators and participants. Participants engaged in lively discussions with the facilitators about specific injury problems that burden different populations within Uganda. The workshop sessions covered topics such as the public health approach to injury, injury research and surveillance, and essential clinical traumatology and emergency trauma care systems. We were lucky to count on expert facilitators from MakSPH and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health including Drs. David Guwatudde, Lynn Atuyambe, Nazarius Mbona Tumwesigye, David Bishai and Mr. Jeffrey C. Lunnen, as well as Dr. Milton Mutton from the Pincer Group International.

Drs. David Bishai and Milton Mutto spearheaded a group activity in which participants walked on the streets of Kampala, identified individual and environmental risk factors of injury, and considered the level of injury severity by those risk factors. Participants gained a better sense of the true scope of the problem of trauma, injuries, and disability in Uganda and learned more about the research methods that can be taken to address the burden.

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